Top 100 Direct Selling & Network Marketing Companies in the World

I continue to be amazed at the number of people involved in direct sales and network marketing.  Direct sales companies, like Amway for example, constantly battle for legitimacy in the eyes of many buyers.  But when you look at Amway’s $9.2 billion in sales and 3 million global distributors, there is no question about the legitimacy of direct sales companies.

Direct Selling News (DSN) recently released their list of the Top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the World.  This list provides a look at the opportunities in direct sales and network marketing.

Part 1: Companies 1-50

Part 2: Companies 51-100

According to Ashley Acker of AshlyAcker.com, DSN noted four significant trends:

  • The importance of international sales.
  • Savvy consumers focused on taking care of their own needs.
  • Careful evaluation of quality versus price by both distributors and customers.
  • Consumers desire to entertain at home and make their homes more comfortable.

Several things stood out to me as I reviewed the list:

First, the companies on this list are the best of the best in their industry and their 2010 revenue and distributor base backs this observation. For example, with global sales of $10.9 billion and 6.5 million distributors, Avon Products, Inc. ranked #1 and is the undisputed champion of the direct selling and network marketing industry.  Coming in second is Amway, with $9.2 billion in sales and 3 million distributors.   Agel Enterprises, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, FreeLife International, Passion Parties, Pure Romance, and Regal Ware were all ranked #92, each posted sales of $80 million.

Second, when comparing 2009 and 2010 revenues, some companies gained ground while others lost ground. For example, ACN (#20) is the largest direct seller of telecommunications company in the world with revenues of $553 million for 2009 and 2010. Ambit Energy, L.P. (#31), an energy provider of electrical and natural gas serves, pushed revenues from $324 million in 2009 to $415 million in 2010.  Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (#92) with 100,000 distributors decreased sales from $120 to $80 million.

Finally, I noticed that there is a lot of opportunity out there. The opportunity is not just in direct sales and network marketing, but if you are a small business, there is opportunity in everything that support these organizations: logistics, telecommunications, marketing, meeting planning, new printing, human resources, travel, warehousing, shipping, research, data analysis, training, technical writing, product development, and so on.

Part 1: Companies 1-50

Part 2: Companies 51-100

Hopefully, these observations of the Global 100 will provide insight if you are looking for business opportunities.

Get ready for the 2012 list in June!

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