Ardyss Body Magic: What You Need To Do To Succeed —

Ardyss Body Magic: What You Need To Do To Succeed

My sister has been trying to get me involved with the Ardyss business for several months now.  After doing a little research, I ran across this article on that helped convince me to give it a shot.  I am reposting the article here for your convenience.

In a nutshell, this article summarizes a lot of business tips that I have been preaching for some time.

“It is not the company or products that determine your success, it is you!”

Ardys Body Magic  And The Path To Success

By Ellie Gant, Editor at

If you’re looking for a good network marketing opportunity, Ardyss International is one of the more interesting companies I’ve seen out there right now. Unlike a lot of other companies, they’ve grasped one of the key elements of success, and the Ardyss line of products doesn’t stop short at just a few basic things that all fit in the same tight category.

Looking at the Ardyss brochures, you might think it’s a simple thing, because everything is geared toward the health and beauty market – a tremendously popular and lucrative market, especially now. But Ardyss has gone farther than the simple question of health and beauty, and approached it with a powerful three-way line of products that can spell more success (and more profits) than more tightly-focused opportunities.

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The most obvious way Ardyss Body Magic approaches health and beauty is with the standard products: a line of vitamins and drinks which promote health, and a line of skin care products to promote beauty. What makes Ardys different is the third product line, a series of body-shaping garments that provide instant results while your long-term plan is taking hold… you can get the shape you want from Ardyss, training at the gym in the meantime to improve your overall health and wellness.

To top it off, Ardyss provides you with an opportunity to make your own success out of their product line; as a partner and distributor for Ardyss International, complaints about body shape and health concerns can turn into real profits through the Ardyss compensation plan. This alone is enough to get my interest, but it goes farther… and it is a truly exciting thing to see.

The truly impressive thing about Ardyss is their three-pronged approach to health and beauty. Where most companies would give you a single product or line of products, they give you a collection of well-designed offerings that allow you to make a more balanced offer to your customers. Other companies with business systems like Ardyss scam you into putting all your efforts behind one or two products, just by not telling you…

How To Achieve Big Success In Network Marketing

Most network marketing opportunities have only one or two products, and they act like this is the only thing you’re going to sell. Instead of giving you the real secret, they pretend the way to success is to promote just their products, and nobody else’s. Ardyss makes this a lot easier, by having a wider range of products, but still keeping themselves tightly focused on one specific area.

I’m no stranger to this business, and I’ve been helping thousands of people succeed with network marketing over the years. I’ve made millions in this industry, and I like to give back – to help others succeed, and have their own dream of business and financial independence. So I’m going to tell you something nobody usually says about this business, right now.

What you really want to do is sell several products that work well together. Ardyss International has recognized this, and given you a good start on having related product lines that fit well into an overall strategy; this is a major factor in your overall success, and you should learn directly from that – don’t peg your entire success on one company, Ardyss or anyone else, but on your ability to create greater value than any large company can provide.

That’s what will make you into the kind of success story you see on commercials and websites, for Ardyss and other companies. Promote your own business, your own brand; learn how to market yourself, get whatever education and training you need, and position your company as the perfect solution for a specific group of people.

Every major company promotes their own brand. That’s what made them into a major company, instead of just another small business. They marketed and promoted the things that made them special, instead of the things everyone else was doing.

But they’re not going to tell you that, because your success doesn’t really matter to them. You have to see it, and do it, on your own.

The Secret Nobody Wants You To Know

The most closely-held secret in any sort of network marketing business is that your success depends almost exclusively on your ability to market and promote, not the product itself, but your business.

Think about it. When you work to promote the product, you’re adding another drop into the bucket of promotion that all the other distributors are doing. You make only the tiniest difference. What you need to do is look for what the other distributors aren’t doing, and do that.

And what they’re not doing is promoting your business, because they’re your competition. They’ll promote the product, sure; that’s their product, too. But they’re not going to tell their customers how great it would be to order from you.

You’re the only person that will tell anyone that.

In fact, you’re the only person who really knows how great it would be to order from you. You’re the expert on your business. If anyone can tell people the value of your business, it’s you.

Your Business Over Their Products

So instead of taking all that time and effort to promote the products you sell, promote your own business. Promote the way you sell those products. Promote the way those products work together. Promote your unique specialties, the things nobody else can offer, because only you can offer them.

If you don’t have any unique specialties, create some! It’s simply a matter of putting two things together that nobody else has ever put together before. Be creative. Examine all the things you do, and all the things you sell, and all the experience you have, and all the opportunities available to you.

Somewhere in all of that is something uniquely yours. Something only you can provide. Find that something, and promote that – not just the product someone else handed you. Anyone can promote that. They just have to read the label and tell people what it says.

But for long-term success, even through a company with a product line as great as Ardyss, training and education is necessary to learn how to effectively promote yourself. Your parent company will not do it for you, because it doesn’t actually matter to them where the products are bought, as long as someone buys them. Your fellow distributors won’t do it, because they don’t want customers buying from you instead of them.

In the end, it’s not about the products. Sure, the products are necessary, but it’s not really the products that put money in your pocket – it’s your own marketing and promotion efforts. When you really start pushing Ardyss, training yourself daily in the discipline of promoting your business and marketing yourself, that ability to make your customers into lifetime patrons of your business will pay off in any business you ever own.

It’s all about looking out for your interest. You don’t need to look out for Ardyss International; they’ll look out for themselves.

Instead, promote your own personal brand, your own personal level of service. Go the extra mile, and show your customers why they should never even bother looking anywhere else. That’s what spells long-term success in any industry, anywhere.

Promote several products, from several companies. It’s silly, isn’t it, to think of walking into a grocery store and only finding one brand of soft drink… one brand of bread… one brand of coffee. They carry several, because different people have different needs and different tastes. Take your cue from that, and build up a selection of products that provide alternatives for the discerning customer. Be familiar with those products, and help your customers make the right choice.

One Size Fits All Really Means One Size Fits None

The real success of any business is made on the ability of that business to find the right group of customers, deliver the right products to those customers, and continue delivering the right things to those customers over and over again.

There’s not a single company out there that will tell you how to do that, because it’s different for every business and every area. What worked for me may not work the same way for you. But understanding how to find what works, and make it work for you, is always useful in every business – because you can do it over and over again.

When you come right down to it, once you have the training you need to find your market and promote yourself within it, building your own success is a simple matter. You can do it with Ardys, or with any other network marketing opportunity – and you can have the success of your dreams. It’s not impossible, and it’s not even particularly hard.

All you have to do is understand what you’re doing, and then get out there and do it. Make your own dream. With the right education, it’s all in your hands.

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